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With the excitement of the first day, R & D and production development ...

PVD coated furnitures


Quality Always Ahead

Quality is always ahead in all areas of service ...

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High -Quality PVD Coating

PVD Coating gives strength to the materials coated in a very thin layer. Especially the wear seen on the corners and sharp edges is not seen after this coating. It can be re-coated and the coating can be removed.

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Machine Design & Distribution

As a result of the services we have provided and the experience we have gained in the field of coating for years, we do not only provide PVD Coating services to our customers, but also design and manufacture PVD Coating and Ultrasonic Cleaning machines.

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Metal Sheet ve Pipe Supply

We supply PVD coated metal plates and pipes, which have many different areas of use and have an important place especially in architectural projects. With different surface and color options for your needs, you can realize your designs that appeal to you both aesthetically and decoratively, and have advantages such as outdoor use.

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Vacuum Leak Detection

Having the right tools and equipment while detecting leaks is critical to ensure the best performance and quality in R&D departments as well as in fast-paced production facilities. Even the smallest leaks can be detected quickly. We offer the highest helium sensitivity for unrivaled reliability.

Our Values

We offer high quality service thanks to our standards.

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Equal coating thickness all over the coated part makes the part resistant to all wear mechanisms. High coating hardness and low friction coating production are important for the quality of the coated product.

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Safe Manufacturing

While keeping quality in the forefront, it is our priority to be sensitive to the environment and to always use advanced technologies. Taking into account the needs and expectations we have determined in our quality management system and fulfilling their requirements is one of our production steps.

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Thanks to our experience combined with PVD Coating technology, we coat metal, glass and ceramic products. We aim to meet the decorative and industrial coating needs of different sectors with our color options.


DEKAP started its activities in 2009, when a family of 4 entered the coating industry. Our goal in the sector is to increase the efficiency and quality of the coating services significantly by following the latest international technologies in the coating sector, as well as providing an efficient service with high standards at all times.

We have achieved success with our intensive R&D projects in the plating sector, where we started to serve with gold plating, our collaborations with different sectors and our expert team.

Today, as in every field, we believe that success in our industry is based on following technology and reading the developments correctly. We carried out intensive research studies on PVD coating, which is increasingly used in the industry, and since 2017, we have switched to PVD coating technology, which is used in many sectors, and proved our expertise in this field after the necessary machinery and equipment investment. We offer metal processing solutions to products in different fields, from the table and kitchen market to the furniture sector, from the automotive supplier industry to the industrial metal sector, as well as adding quality and aesthetics. As DEKAP, our priority is to meet all the needs and expectations of our customers with our understanding of superior service.

As one of Turkey's leading company in the field of coating; We still have the excitement and motivation we had on the first day in order to improve our service. We are happy and proud to continue our story, which we started in 2009, as an expert team today, and we are constantly strengthening our work team with our domestic and foreign business partners.

Our Vision

In the PVD coating service we have specialized in, we are an organization that provides reliable and quality service, prioritizes customer satisfaction, is environmentally sensitive, innovative and constantly improves itself.

Our Mission

We are a PVD coating company that aims to be among the firsts with the scientific and quality of the service we offer in our country in every field we specialize in, to contribute to its development by following the practices in the sector and to continue this development.

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