Services Provided by DEKAP

PVD coated furnitures
PVD coated tableware

High-Quality PVD Coating

PVD coating, which is durable for a long time, can be easily applied from different glassware to plastic, automotive to medical, improves the mechanical properties and also adds decorative value to the product.

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Machine Design & Distribution

Thanks to the experience we have gained in the PVD coating industry, we offer machine design and distribution services as well as coating service. We manufacture PVD coating and ultrasonic cleaning machines, we provide support for spare parts and equipment supply.

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PVD Coated Metal Profiles

Metal Sheet and Pipe Supply

We provide the supply of metal plates and pipes, which have an important place especially in architectural projects. While we realize the wholesale supply of PVD coated decorative sheets that can also be used in lighting, advertising, furniture and accessories production, we also provide the production of interior architectural projects.

Vacuum Leak Detection

Detection of leaks in vacuum systems.

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Vacuum System

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