What PVD Coating Means for Bathroom Products?

It is always challenging to give the colored finish to a bathroom product while trying to keep high quality standards and long period of life. Numerous factors come into play when you try to increase the lifespan of a dispenser, armature, or any other metal structure such as corrosion, wear from continuous use, or over usage of cleaning products. This is the place where PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition), which is a method used to deposit the source material on the substrate after vaporizing, becomes a solution.

What if you use Titanium PVD coating instead of any other traditional methods?

  1. You increase the variety of colors while keeping the consistency, and quality of the products. The surface becomes colored in a finish including gold, rose gold, anthracite, blue, and black. The time comes for some products there is not much left to change the design. One of the best ways to keep the customers happy and satisfied is by giving them the ability to choose from many different options matching the interior design of their baths.
  2. You fight with corrosion. The reasons that a product can have corrosion are generally as follows:
  • Presence of moist in the air
  • Temperature
  • Contact with certain acids, bases, salts, and dissimilar metals.

Does this sound familiar? These are the factors that we all have in our bath & washrooms. PVD coating gives you the ability to increase the product's lifespan up to 25 years under harsh conditions.

  1. The quality of the coating differs a lot. The traditional coating types that are used on bathroom products generally come off easily. Many big bathroom manufacturers use PVD coating to make moving parts of the products usable for a long period of time without losing the color and the quality of coating since the surface becomes resistant to friction.
  2. You have a sustainable, also environmentally friendly product. Rather than powder coating or electroplating, PVD coating does not have toxic or harmful byproducts in the process.

Of course, there are many other ways that PVD coating affects the product’s overall specifications. Ease to apply, resistance to corrosion and friction, consistency for the color and variety. This is what PVD coating means for bathroom components.

Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

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