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Industries Using Metallized Coating

Metallized Coating for Home and Ornaments

Metallized coating for home and ornaments is a method used to obtain an aesthetic and elegant appearance in interiors, to increase the attractiveness of the goods and to enrich their decoration. Metallized coating can add shine, reflectivity and durability to the surface of decorative items.

Household and ornamental items with metallized coating:

  • Vases and Trinkets: Household vases, figurines, statues and other decorative objects gain an elegant and striking appearance with metallized coating.

  • Candle Holders and Candle Holders: Candles and candle holders gain a more sophisticated and stylish look with the metallized coating.

  • Mirrors and Frames: Mirrors and picture frames can add elegance and aesthetic value with metallized coating. This coating increases the reflective feature of the mirrors, making the space look wider and brighter.

  • Furniture Parts and Legs: The metallized finish on the furniture pieces helps highlight the design and details. It harmonizes with metallic parts.

  • Lighting Products: Lamps, lampshades and lighting fixtures allow the creation of impressive and ostentatious lighting with metallized coating.

  • Watches: Wall clocks or table clocks, metallized coating gives a modern and interesting look.

  • Decorative Tray and Candlesticks: The metallized finish provides an elegant and luxurious touch on trays and candlesticks.

  • Wall Panels and Decorative Pieces: Wall panels, decorative accessories and wall decorations enrich the general atmosphere of the interior with metallized coating.​


Metallized finish is an ideal option for those who want to personalize their home decoration and add an elegant atmosphere to their interiors. Manufacturers can improve the quality of their products by carefully choosing the coating material, color and application method. It can be the appropriate solution for your metallized coating products with gold, silver and unlimited color options. 

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