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PVD Coating Plant Installation and Vacuum Systems Consultancy

PVD coating plants and other vacuum systems due to less service and service points 

One of the most important issues to be considered in metal fabrication projects is the requirements of the part to be manufactured. The manufacturing method is selected according to the shape, material and other requirements of the part. Production time and efficiency should also be taken into account in parts that will be mass produced. 

In automotive, aviation, furniture, kitchen, architecture, interior architecture and many other sectors, in short, products are produced with additive, machining and welded manufacturing for parts wherever metal and alloy are used. 

PVD Coating facilities are structures with different needs according to different applications. Cleaning and cooling components that need to be used next to the machine, and certain facility conditions are needed for the machine to work. 

Minor modifications to be made while providing these conditions will significantly affect the sustainability of the facility in the future. At the same time, machine design is also important in this regard. 

PVD Coating Machines

In its simplified form, PVD covers the application of the evaporated metal as a result of different processes on the product and the coating of the product with this evaporated metal. PVD Coating machines are high-tech machines that allow this whole process to take place, except for cleaning.

PVD coating machines can be classified according to the method of application of the metal to the product or the sector used. However, coating material, machine cabin dimensions, technologies used and many more factors can be used separately or together in machines.

Decorative Coating Machines

Decorative PVD Coating machines are suitable for stainless steel sheet, stainless steel pipe, glass, ceramic, plastic, acrylic, resin, etc. It can make decorative effect coating on surfaces. It has the advantages of simple operation, low cost and large production. It is widely used in jewelry, watches, lighting, kitchen and sanitary ware, construction, medical treatment, scientific research, digital, entertainment, electrical appliances, cosmetics, toys and other fields.

Industrial Coating Machines

Industrial coating machines are flexible and can be redesigned to desired specifications. Widely used in scientific research, semiconductors, instruments, instruments, molds.

Optical Coating Machines

Optical coating machines are used to change the transmittance and reflectivity properties of substrate materials.

PVD Coating Plant Installation - Machine

Vacuum Leak Detection

Removal of leaks and repair methods consultancy for vacuum systems operating under vacuum.

The lightness of helium gas and its low viscosity allow it to pass even through micro-sized capillaries. At the same time, Helium gas is an inert gas and is unlikely to react with other chemicals.

Where is Helium Vacuum Leak Detection Used?

  • Power Plants

  • PVD and Vacuum Coating Systems

  • Food and Packaging Facilities

  • Cooling-Ventilation & Cryopump Systems

  • Semiconductor production

  • Metallurgy

  • UHV Systems and Applications

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Facilities

  • Laser and Analytical R&D

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