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High Wear Resistance

The tough and durable PVD coating reduces interference during contact and wear, exhibiting excellent wear resistance even under harsh operating conditions and extending the life of components.

  1. Titanium Nitride (TiN): This coating is a yellow-gold color and is commonly used for cutting tools, machine tools and other metal components. It provides excellent wear resistance due to its high hardness.

  2. Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN): This coating, which is harder than TiN, has a gray-blue color and has high wear resistance.

  3. Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN): AlTiN is a coating that offers excellent wear resistance at high temperature. It is especially used in high temperature cutting operations.

  4. Diamond Like Carbon (DLC): DLC coatings offer high wear resistance due to their diamond-like properties. It also has a low coefficient of friction and is used in many applications from automotive components to surgical instruments.

  5. Chromium Nitride (CrN):Offering excellent wear resistance, this coating is often used in plastic molding applications and metalworking applications.

  6. Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN): This coating offers excellent wear resistance even under high temperature and abrasive conditions.

  7. Zirconium Nitride (ZrN): This coating, which has a yellow-gold color, is used in both decorative applications and industrial applications that require wear resistance.

The choice of these coatings is particularly dependent on the needs of the application, operating temperature, friction conditions and other factors. Choosing the coating suitable for the specific requirements of the application ensures optimum wear resistance and long-lasting performance.


In the following cases, PVD coating can be easily used to increase wear resistance. 

  • Sharp tools: PVD coatings are used on the surfaces of cutting tools such as drill bits, turning tools, milling cutters, drill bits. Coatings extend tool life by reducing friction and wear during cutting.

  • Mold and Casting: In plastic injection molds, casting molds and forging dies, PVD coatings prevent surface wear and allow materials to be released from the mold more easily.

  • Bearings and Gears: In these mechanical components, PVD coatings can reduce friction and associated wear, thus prolonging the life of the components.

  • Automotive Components:PVD coatings are used to increase wear resistance in automotive parts such as engine components, valves, piston rings.

  • Aerospace: In some critical components in the aerospace industry, high-performance PVD coatings are used to prevent material wear and prolong the life of the component.

  • Medical Instruments and Implants: In surgical instruments and joint implants, PVD coatings can increase the material's biocompatibility as well as wear resistance.

These cases show how valuable a PVD coating can be to improve a material's wear resistance. Choosing the right coating may vary depending on the needs of the application and operating conditions.

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