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PVD Coating on Glass

It is formed by depositing metals or alloys as thin films on glass surfaces. Decorative coatings for household items and functional coatings in other areas can be made. 

With PVD, a thin metal or metal component film layer is formed on glass surfaces. Thanks to this metal layer, coatings of various colors and patterns can be applied on glass products. 

This method, which adds an aesthetic appearance, combines with the gloss of glass and multiplies the design and decorative options with different reflection and color options. 

It adds an additional layer of protection to the glass surface in cases where the glass may corrode. In this way, glass can be made resistant to corrosion by choosing the right alloy. 

On larger glasses, PVD coating can be used to improve heat and chemical resistance. In addition, it provides energy efficiency in buildings with reflective coatings. 

PVD coating on glass is used in various industries:

  1. Architecture and Construction: Full or gradient glass coating provides an aesthetic appearance for walls, doors and other places where glass can be used in architectural projects. 

  2. Automotive: It protects the vehicle from damage caused by sunlight by reflecting the sun's rays and heat. 

  3. Chalices, Glasses and Carafes: It is used to increase the variety of glass products and to give a top quality appearance. 

  4. Optics and Glasses:It is used in reflection control for sunglasses, lenses, lens filters. 

  5. Lighting Industry: Colored coatings that refract, scatter or reflect light provide an aesthetic appearance.