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Ceramic  PVD Coating

Metal and metal alloys can be deposited on ceramic surfaces. It can be used to add various functions or just to make a decorative contribution. 

PVD coating is used to add functional properties and aesthetic appearance to ceramic. Ceramics coated with colors such as gold, copper, rose, silver, rainbow create a metallic look. 

Advantages of PVD Coating on Ceramics

  • Aesthetic look:Colors such as gold, rose, silver, smoked, blue and rainbow are coated on glossy and matte ceramics. By protecting the surface, ceramic objects with different textures can be produced. Pattern options can be increased with masking and partial coatings. 

  • Resistance to Chemicals: Chemical resistance can be achieved by thin-film coating of ceramics, depending on the area of use. 

  • Health and Hygiene: Thanks to the PVD coating on the ceramic surface, it can be arranged to prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. 

Areas of Application of PVD Coating on Ceramics: 

  1. Tiles and Mosaics:Wall, floor tiles, bathroom ceramics gain a full or partial metallic appearance with PVD coating. 

  2. Art and Decoration: Decorative ceramic products, sculptures, works of art, home decoration items are enriched with PVD coating color and gloss options. 

  3. Kitchenware: By coating ceramic and porcelain products used in kitchens, more durable and long-lasting patterned surfaces are obtained.