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Vacuum Gauges

SRG(Spinning Rotor Gauge) Type High Vacuum Gauges

DEKAP and PH Instruments brand Spinning Rotor Gauge type vacuum gauges with high precision and resistance to harsh conditions are in Turkey. Contact for information and purchase.

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The World's Most Precise and Durable Vacuum Measurement System SRG Technology

The unique 2-part sensor/readout design enables robust, accurate, reliable, non-contact and long-term stable vacuum measurement of static and dynamic vacuums. Ph-instruments partners with other independent companies to offer unique technologies for measuring pressure from atmosphere to high vacuum. The inventor of SRG Technology, long-time R&D and Production manager for SRGs, and sales/application manager of digital vacuum gauges form the core team.

Ph-instruments was founded by Peter Hofmann in 2018/19 after a 19-year career at MKS Instruments. He served as Director of Sales and Application (DACH, France and Benelux) and, most recently, General Manager of Continental Europe for 10 years.
Spinning Rotor Gauge Technology is described as an outstanding concept for vacuum pressure measurement in Industrial High Vacuum applications. 

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