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Industries Using Metallized Coating

Metallized Coating for Bottles and Glass Objects

Metallized coating for bottles and glassware is a widely used method to increase aesthetic and functional properties, to make products more attractive and to protect them. Metallized coating provides shine, reflectivity and durability by applying a thin layer of metal to glass surfaces.


Usage areas in bottles and glass products: 

  • Perfume and Cosmetic Bottles: Perfume bottles, makeup product packaging and cosmetic glass containers can achieve a luxurious and attractive appearance with a metallized finish. This coating can also protect the contents of the products against UV rays.

  • Wine and Liquor Bottles: Wine, spirits or other alcoholic beverage bottles gain an elegant and luxurious look with the metallized coating, and the coating makes the bottles stand out on the shelves.

  • Glass Decoration Products: The metallized coating can be used for glass ornaments, vases, dishes and other decorative glassware. These products can gain gloss and aesthetic value thanks to the coating.

  • Glass Lids and Capped Bottles: Glass lids or jar lids are given a metallic appearance, while the contents of the bottle are protected from light. 

  • Glazed Lighting Products: Lamps, chandeliers and luminaires made of glass are metallized to reflect light and create an impressive appearance. Thanks to the different colors applied, different colored lights are reflected. 

  • Glass Packaging: Glass packages for special events or souvenirs gain a more attractive and original appearance with metallized coating.

  • Jug and Glasses: Jugs and glasses used at home have an elegant and remarkable appearance with metallized coating.

  • Glass Coasters and Plates: It increases the elegance of the table with glass bases or plates, candle holders, metallized coating used in restaurants or special events.

Metallized coating gives glass surfaces shine, durability and an original appearance, while offering the ability to protect the content of products and provide resistance to environmental factors. However, smooth and clean glass surfaces can affect the quality and adhesion of the coating. The coating material and application method should be selected in accordance with the intended use and design of the products.

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