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Metal Production

Additive Manufacturing

Metal 3D printing, or metal additive manufacturing, is the process of building metal parts layer by layer using 3D printers. This technology allows more complex structures to be produced compared to traditional manufacturing methods and helps reduce waste material.

  1. Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS): This method is a process in which metal powders are laid on the surface in thin layers and the laser melts and solidifies certain areas.

  2. Selective Laser Melting (SLM): SLM works in a similar way, but completely dissolves the powder, creating a denser and more homogeneous structure.

  3. Electron Beam Melting (CPA): In this method, the electron beam is focused on the metal powder to be solidified.

  4. Metal Binder Jetting: In this method, a bonding agent is sprayed onto the metal powder layers, then the part is solidified by sintering.

Usage areas

  • Aviation: Metal 3D printing is used to manufacture high-strength and lightweight parts, such as engine components.

  • Automotive Industry: Ideal for the manufacture of customized parts and performance components.

  • Medical:It is used in the manufacture of metal implants, prostheses and surgical instruments.

  • Energy: It is used for the manufacture of components with complex geometry used in the energy industry.

  • Research & Development:It is used during prototyping and testing of new products.

  • Defense: It is used in the production of various components used in the defense industry.

  • Jewelry: It is used for the production of customized jewelry and detailed designs.

The advantages of metal 3D printing include freedom of design, material efficiency, rapid prototyping and customization. However, it also has disadvantages such as high initial costs, production speed and post-processing requirements.

Metal 3D printing enables complex and customized parts to be produced quickly and efficiently in many industries. The development of this technology has led to the more widespread production of high-strength and lightweight components, providing innovative solutions for a number of industries.

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