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DEKAP and VACCOAT brand have 28 years of experience in thin film coating machines for academic and industrial purposes in Turkey. Thermal evaporation, carbon coating, pulsed laser coating, magnetron sputtering solutions are right next to you for all your thin film research.

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Türkiye Distributor

Vaccoat Türkiye Distribütörü - Magnetron Sputter ve Termal Evaporasyon PVD Kaplama Cihazı

With more than 28 years of experience in thin film and vacuum systems, VACCOAT products are now in Turkey with the difference of DEKAP.

Although models of VACCOAT such as DSR1 and DST2, which are low vacuum to high vacuum PVD coating systems, are used for coating noble metals such as gold and palladium for purposes such as SEM imaging, more complex and cooled systems can be used for the creation of multilayer structures and for research and development. These devices can include multiple coating systems and also have auxiliary features such as plasma cleaning.

VACCOAT is a pioneer in the design and production of high quality PVD systems with its academics, engineers and other R&D employees. Known for its high quality standards and the use of the best components, the brand is the supplier of universities and research centers.

DEKAP is with you to recommend the most suitable VACCOAT machine for you. To get a price quote or machine recommendation, all you have to do is contact us.