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Innovation in Every Layer

As DEKAP, we have been providing services in metallized coating, production, surface treatments, prototyping, electrochemical coating and consultancy, especially PVD coating, with R&D and innovation since 2009. 

Our services

One Stop Shop for All Your Needs

As DEKAP, we adopt a one stop shop approach for PVD coating, metallized coating, electrochemical coating, metal production, surface treatments, prototyping, vacuum systems consultancy and all services with the brands we are distributors, with the experience we have gained since our establishment in electrochemical coatings, PVD coating and vacuum technologies.

The value we place on R&D and innovation while providing our services fills us with the excitement of looking to new horizons every day. 

Metal Production

We are at your side with our expert staff and machine park in machining, additive and welded manufacturing required for your products. 

Surface Treatments

Polishing to provide decorative benefits, improve surface properties, and laser marking to make each of your products unique.


Take advantage of this technology, which has revolutionized the production of complex parts in 3D design and printing processes, which is widely used in a new product development process, in your new products.

Electrochemical Plating

Electrochemical coatings are a type of process used to impart protective, decorative or functional properties to metal surfaces. Contact for gold and platinum plating.


If you want to establish a new PVD coating plant or get consultancy about your vacuum systems, we are ready to share our experiences on these issues with you.

Products on Demand in Every Industry

PVD Coated Stainless Steel Sheet and Pipes
MFC  and Gas Generators

Why Dekap?

Our Experience in Coating, Materials and Surface Treatment

We reflect our experience on color, material, surface properties and results to our services and products, thanks to the new services we add every year to the journey we started with gold plating in 2009, and the things we have added to the sector and our company in both surface treatments and materials, with our transition to PVD coating in 2017. 

Our High Quality Standards

We have been maintaining our unique quality in all our services for years, with our ISO certified facility and the quality control methods we apply to each product. Along with the new services we add to our structure, we always adapt new quality control systems to our company and our products. 

Our Commitment to R&D and Innovation

As a result of our investments in R&D and innovation since 2009, we are happy to discover new methods and increase efficiency in the areas we serve. With our increasing test equipment and laboratory facilities, we make the most efficient application to your products with the highest quality. 

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