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Industries Using Metallized Coating

Metallized Coating for Food and Cosmetic Packages

Metallized Coating for Automotive Parts, Headlights and Lamps

  • Protection Against UV Rays: Especially in cosmetics, metallized coating packages can help protect the product against UV rays. This is important in order to preserve the chemical structure and efficacy of the product.

  • Real Gold and Silver Appearance:Some food and cosmetic products can be coated with metallized plating to mimic the look of real gold or silver. This makes the item look luxurious and expensive, but offers a more economical alternative to real gold or silver plating.

  • Texture of Coated Surface: Metallized coating can be used to add different patterns, shapes or texts to the surface of product packaging. This makes the product stand out and offer a customized design.​

When using metallized coatings in the food and cosmetic industries, it is important to ensure the safety of the contents of the package and to ensure that food or cosmetic products do not damage the coating surface on the outside of the package. Coating materials must comply with local regulations and standards. It is also important to evaluate the effects of packaging in terms of recycling or waste management.

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