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PVD Coating

Innovation on Every Layer with Decorative and Functional PVD Coating

PVD stands for "Physical Vapor Deposition" and refers to a coating technology. PVD coating is a method used to apply a material to a surface in a thin layer. It is usually applied to the surface of metals and is used to add more durable, decorative or functional properties.

PVD Coating Advantages

Food Compliant

Long Use Time


Metallized Coating for Automotive Parts, Headlights and Lamps

The applications of PVD coating can be diversified and new uses can be added all the time. These applications can be divided into functional  and decorative according to their purposes. 

Industries Using Decorative PVD Coating:

Industries Using Functional PVD Coating:

PVD coating is a method used to apply various alloys to surfaces. It provides a coating layer formed by evaporation of different metals and metal compounds. This coating layer may contain different alloys used to add or improve various properties.

Coating alloys we apply as DEKAP:​

Many metallic colors can be easily obtained with PVD coating. You can reach the coating colors we made in our facility from the images below.