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Surface Treatment

Polishing and Laser Marking

Surface aesthetics and smoothness are important in every industry. Your parts become more valuable with the polishing process, which is very useful in terms of precision and decoration, and the laser marking process used for distinguishing and numbering.

One of the most important issues to be considered in metal fabrication projects is the requirements of the part to be manufactured. The manufacturing method is selected according to the shape, material and other requirements of the part. Production time and efficiency should also be taken into account in parts that will be mass produced. 

In automotive, aviation, furniture, kitchen, architecture, interior architecture and many other sectors, in short, products are produced with additive, machining and welded manufacturing for parts wherever metal and alloy are used. 


Polishing is applied to the products for ethical, functionality and hygiene. Polishing is usually done using abrasive materials and polishing agents. There are various techniques such as manual polishing, automatic machine polishing and electrolytic polishing.

  1. Mold Industry: In order to ensure the smoothness and sensitivity of the molds, polishing is done during maintenance. 

  2. Automotive Industry: It is used to increase the smoothness and aesthetics of automotive parts and accessories.

  3. Jewelery and Watch Industry:Jewelry, watches and other valuables are polished to give them a bright and attractive appearance.

  4. Medical Industry: Polishing is used to ensure that the surfaces of surgical instruments, implants and other medical products are smooth and hygienic.

  5. Electronics Industry: Polishing may be required for smoothness and functionality of electronic components.

  6. Aviation Industry: Polishing is applied to increase the aerodynamic performance of aircraft parts and increase resistance to corrosion.

  7. Food Processing Industry:Polishing is used to keep food processing equipment clean and hygienic.

  8. Marine Industry:Polishing is applied to protect and aesthetically improve the parts of ships and marine vehicles.

  9. Artworks and Sculptures:Polishing is done in order to increase the surface smoothness and aesthetics of artistic works.

Laser Marking

Laser marking is a processing method used to create a permanent mark or pattern on materials. Laser energy is used to change the surface or change its color so that the image, text or other information can be easily read.

  1. Product Identification: It is used to process information such as serial number of products, date of manufacture, barcodes and QR codes. This is important for tracking and authentication.

  2. Automotive Industry:Permanent marking of automotive components improves traceability and aids quality control.

  3. Medical Devices: It is used for identification and tracking of surgical instruments, implants and other medical devices.

  4. Electronics Industry: Processing information on PCBs, semiconductors and other electronic components.

  5. Aerospace and Defense: The marking of sensitive components helps with quality control and compliance requirements.

  6. Jewelry: It is used for the authentication and personalization of jewelry and gemstones.

Being durable, fast and precise, this technology is preferred in many industries. Permanent markings can be used for a number of purposes including quality control, regulatory compliance, anti-counterfeiting and consumer information.

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